1Director vs. Passare: Why funeral homes choose 1Director

1Director is the #1 funeral management platform for Funeral Directors and families come together.

Why are people switching from Passare to 1Director?

Do it all in one powerful tool

No more jumping between platforms. Create, manage, share, and collect feedback all in 1Director.

Fast + cloud based

With 1Director, your files live online. So you always have a single source of truth - that is always up to date.

Better collaboration

1Director was purpose-built for collaboration. Sharing projects is a breeze, and collaborating with staff and families is seamless and simple.

No need for compromise — 1Director has you covered

Tailor your digital workspace to meet all your requirements and eliminate the time wasted navigating through multiple platforms.

Browser based
Memorial videos
Family collaboration
Website themes
Transparent pricing
AI obituary writer
Document sharing

Can 1Director really replace all the platforms I use today?

1Director is built for your entire funeral home workflow. Create and collaborate on a case. Assign tasks. Share documents and plan with family. Gather feedback via the family portal. And gather all the decedent details and photos you need for their memorial.

Explore features
Switching systems

I don't have time to switch...

We hear you. Switching sounds the opposite of fun. That's why we've developed a process specifically designed to facilitate this transition. Our migration process ensures a seamless transfer, preserving the integrity of your data as it moves from Passare to 1Director.

Browser based software

Better in browser

1Director lives in the browser making it easier to share, collaborate, and present wherever you are. You're also ensured that 1Director works on any platform: Windows, Chrome, Linux or Mac. This means you will always have the most current version: A "document" in 1Director is a just a link that you share.

How do I make the switch?

Making the switch from Passare to 1Director is easy. Sign up for a 1Director account and give it a go.

Frequently asked questions

Expanded Features: Elevate your funeral planning capabilities with 1Director's extensive feature set, offering enhanced customization, integrations, and a user-friendly design that goes beyond Passare's offerings.
Streamlined Teamwork: 1Director is designed for efficient collaboration, providing tools that seamlessly facilitate teamwork among funeral professionals. Experience a more cohesive and collaborative environment compared to Passare.
Affordable Solutions: Make the switch for cost-effectiveness. 1Director offers transparent pricing plans, eliminating hidden costs and providing a competitive and affordable solution compared to Passare, ensuring you get the most value for your investment.