Stationery design

Create funeral stationery effortlessly by adding family photos or utilizing 1Director's library of images and text. Edit seamlessly in your browser and collaborate in real time with others.

All the features you need.

All your data is streamlined across every touchpoint.

No hidden costs
Premium theme library
Stock image collection
Quote library
Custom sizes
Smart fields
Creating unique items

Unique stationery items

Select from a variety of stationery items, including prayer cards, bifolds, and thank you notes, with 10 unique options to cater to the specific needs of each funeral arrangement.

Theme library

Access a comprehensive theme library, allowing you to choose from a wide array of designs that suit the tone and style of each unique funeral service.

Stock image library

Stock image collection

Enhance your stationery with a diverse stock image collection, providing a range of visuals to complement and personalize your funeral tributes.

Stock text library

Poem, prayer, and quote library

Find the perfect words for your stationery with an extensive library of poems, prayers, and quotes, making it easy to express condolences and heartfelt sentiments.

Printing stationery

Fee-free printing

Enjoy cost-free printing through 1Director's funeral stationery design app, ensuring that creating meaningful tributes doesn't come with additional financial burdens and inventory.

Advanced stationery mode

Advanced creative tools

Unleash your creativity with advanced tools that allow you to customize and design stationery with precision, ensuring a thoughtful and visually appealing tribute.

Smart fields

Save time and reduce errors with smart fields that automatically populate essential details like names and dates, streamlining the design process for efficient and accurate results.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. Our Stationery Design App provides the flexibility for you to define your own custom size, allowing you to tailor the dimensions of the stationery items to meet your specific preferences and requirements.
Our Stationery Design App offers a full theme library for you to choose from. Personalize the stationery items by selecting a theme that resonates with the individual being honored, creating a truly meaningful tribute.
Yes. Our Stationery Design App is designed to provide compatibility with a variety of stationery brands, including Messenger, allowing you the flexibility to print your designs on the blank stationery paper of your preferred brand.
Yes. We are committed to continuous improvement. Our future updates include expanding the selection of stationery items, and we're excited to introduce new options such as candles and temporary grave markers to further enhance the range of choices available for creating meaningful memorials.